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Day One (January 28, 2008)

Originally posted on January 28, 2008

Day One

Current mood: lonely

Naturally it started by oversleeping an hour but that's ok I needed it. By the time I finally left the house, my mother started to tear up, (she's totally against this) and that made the start of the trip on a down side. As in 43 years, I've never once made her cry before.

But once I got moving, I turned my cell phone on and was bombarded by voicemail and text messages. Thanks! I called Jerry Rich (JR) to wish him a happy birthday and by the end, he had me in happy tears. Then I had a long conversation with Nicole (my middle namesake) that had me broken up several times.

To make the trip feel like home, I brought a long a series of cds I had made 7 or 8 years ago. It's all the Beatles songs including demos, bootlegs and out takes. 21 cds worth, but all in alphabetical order. Well unplanned, but the first song was "A Beginning" from Anthology 3. Very tell tale. A little while later, I got two texts both dealing with Love & lots of "love". Just as they arrived, All You Need Is Love played on the cd. Too ironic.

As I got into Vermont it was time to change the cd and all of a sudden, my cd player decides it doesn't to eject the cd AND it's starts snowing. So I'm driving on a part of 89 I've never seen before, in snow, fighting with my cd player. Grrrrrrrrr

Eventually I got the cd out and the snow stopped. Strange thing is, the further north in VT I got, the less snow that was on the ground. But they must have a lot of freezing rain, but the roads were white and anytime I went in the hammer lane, I couldn't see out the back window for the dust cloud I kicked up.

Stopping for gas and a quick bite to eat, I decided to make up lost time and out came the Van Halen cds (For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge) to get me 20+ mph over the speed limit. (If you work for State Farm, I was just kidding)

Of course on the trip I realize I forgot my racersbored shirt and the Patriots shirt I wanted to bring. Finally I arrived in Montreal and got stuck in their traffic, which rivals Boston. About 5:15 I made it to the residence. Which is beautiful and immaculate.

They sent a small girl to carry my bags, but despite forgetting a few things, I still brought a ton, and this poor girl wouldn't let me carry anything, insisting they give "first class treatment". She was more than happy to reach my room. LOL

I made it down for dinner, there were four people in attendance. Two post ops and one wife who is staying here. One post op and her wife are from Eastern Canada and are awesome people. The other is from the midwest and very nice too. We found we all had another common bond, auto racing. The (new) girl from Eastern Canada used to go to the races at Riverside Park in Agawam, MA.

But I retired to my room for a bit after dinner. Finally I had arrived, and finally my emotions took a strong hold on me. For the first time, I felt lonely, lost, alone and completely scared. Ok, really SCARED. After a meltdown, I built up my composure and went down to the sitting room to chat. Feeling much better, but still not 100%, I retired to my room, to find a text from Mayzy, a voicemail from Melinda, and a few posts on, and I knew I wasn't alone. Maybe in location, but never in spirit.

The View From MySpace

Years are always good!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter what, keep your head up and remember my smile!!
heres a song for you to think about
"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me smile when sky's are gray"


i am thinking of you! just keep that frown upside down!!


For sure, you are not alone. I am so excited for you and I wish you the best. Hopefully when you get back, we will actually get to run into one another! Take care and the best of luck! You will be in my thoughts throughout. Many happy thoughts are being sent your way! Later.... ~L~


You are so ABSOLUTELY not alone. Your friends are with you and behind you, always.

I called you, but overslept and missed you, unfortunately. (This damn head cold is killing me!) As I said on the message, WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LIFE!!! :)


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