Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 9 (Friday)

Originally posted February, for February 1, 2008

Day 9 (Friday)

Current mood: calm

At last, I can FINALLY take a shower. My first since Sunday morning. Talk about pure heaven! Sometimes the simplest things in life can bring the most pleasure and this was one of those times.

The nurse also removed some of the remaining dressing. And after looking things over, said, I appear to be healing very, very well and was shocked at how little bruising I had. She taught me how to do my first Sitz bath, something I'll be doing twice a day for the next two months.

In the afternoon, they checked my vitals, as per usual. But I wasn't feeling well. I said nothing and assumed it was normal. But within an hour they came to check my temperature again, they knew what I didn't. I had developed a fever. I felt lousy through the night, but the fever was gone by Saturday morning.

The two girls I had met last Friday, returned to their homes today. Both very nice and both inspirations, as I saw their pain in sitting, walking etc upon their return to the hospital. But by the time I returned from the hospital, they were going the above things fine. I was now how they were last week.

I had dinner, did my second Spitz bath ad went to bed. I wanted to beat the fever, plus Saturday would bring my return to my hormone regime. Bye migraines. Hello returning to normal.

The view from Racersbored

I just had my first shower since Sunday morning. Boy does that feel good.

The first female to male here, arrived last night after I went to bed. Holy crap. he's more masculine the 90% of the guys on this bored! He could kick the living daylights out of most of them too. Without seeing this person naked, you could never convince me he's not a genetic male.


So does Canada recycle? Maybe he's the lucky recipient of your old parts?


If they do, I hope they explain that I had a vasectomy ten years ago.

Holy chit! I just saw it! I have a vagina. The nurse who has been here a long time, says things appear to be adjusting above normal,


AWESOME CYN! I hope things continue to progress on or ahead of schedule for you. You deserve it.


Be gentle to the bean....the bean is your friend...


Jesus you ladies make me laugh!!! Congrats Cyn!! Michelle is right - the bean is your friend.

Hope you are doing well!! I miss you!!! When's our next outing???


Glad you chicks came last weekend. Montreal got pounded with snow last night.


Did you go outside and make snow angels?


pffffttt....I'm happy to make it to the breakfast table, never mind outside.


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