Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 6 (Tuesday The Day After)

Originally posted January 31, 2008, about January 29

Day 6 (Tuesday)

Current mood: sore

I realize I'm 48 hours behind on these, but that's about my energy level and I can't get comfortable for long periods to type.

I woke up very earlier on Tuesday morning, with pain and despite having clear passages, unable to breath through my mouth. The language barrier had one of the help unable to understand me. Finally after a second ring of the bell, and a near panic situation on my part, the head nurse came in raised the head of my bed. FINALLY I could breath. I guess that can happen with anesthesia.Coughing could have helped, but I highly don't recommend that with a fresh groin injury.

In the morning I was able to sit for five minutes, quite gingerly, and surprisingly I was able to eat breakfast. I was able to sit for ten minutes at night. Fortunately, I had prepped e-mails in groups with the basis prewritten, I just had to enter one line and hit send to he different groups. E-mails and texts received were in much larger quantity than I expected, having no energy I tried to keep but couldn't. I'd find myself typing one or two lines and drifting to sleep without notice.

In fact when attempting to chat briefly in the shout box, if someone was too slow in replying, I'd find myself drifting to sleep for one, two, five minutes. And never feeling it coming.

Despite having a private room at the residence, I had a semi private room at the hospital. My room mate and her guest were both from New Jersey. Both extremely nice people. But in typical NJ fashion, only knew two volumes, loud and louder. We're in a hospital damn it, be courteous, keep the noise down. Not what I needed in my pained state of mind.

Sleeping was how the day was basically spent, and precisely all I wanted to do.


Racersbored view from January 29, 2008

I had my IV removed and sat in a chair for ten minutes......ouch :(


Ouch yes, but sounds like you're on the road to recovery.....woohooo


Good for you!! I'm sure "ouch" is being nice. Seriously, that is a huge progress, and now you are really on the road to getting better and healing


Wow Cyn, they're moving you right along..fantastic!


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