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Day 15 (The Return Home)

Originally posted February 7, 2008

Day 15 (The Return)

Current mood: exhausted

Last night after I posted the blog, I got a call from the nurse on duty, asking if I wanted something to help me sleep. Not sleeping the night before, I did and seeing I couldn't get a nap in all day and was wide awake, I needed it. Not only did I have the painful drive home, but also it would be the most physical thing I've had do in ten days.

I finished my daily 'exercises' and went downstairs to get the sleeping pill. The girl from the southeast, Astrid, that I visited on Tuesday, had returned from the hospital yesterday arfternoon, and was having a major problem. She came up with a big fever, extreme low blood pressure and her pulse skyrocketed. Poor Nurse Francine was new and this was her first night alone. Talk about a quick initiation! Astrid was rushed to the hosital to be met by Dr Brassard. Luckily, the residence is right next door to the hospital. All the more reason I stress anyone having SRS, choose Montreal.

She will be ok and of all the patients I saw in my two weeks, this was the first complication I had heard about. But it makes me more thankful for my quick recovery. SRS is major surgery and although doctors have it almost perfected, it is invasive surgery and should not be taken lightly. Best wishes Astrid, you're in my thoughts.

I eventually got my sleeping pill, gave Francine a few hugs goodbye, mixed with a few tears. Returned to my room, and unlike the very first night where the sleeping pill took hours to take affect, I found myself awakening without notice around three a.m. with my laptop still on, square on my legs.

I woke up early did my dilation and went downstairs for a good breakfast. Luckily, the major snow that was supposed to hit, wasn't as bad as forecast but it was still snowing, the wind was incredibly strong and it was ungawdly cold.

It was time for my final goodbyes and a puddle of mush I turned into. Today I left Nurse Carole, Doreen and my sister Sonja. Sonja is my sister as we had surgery the same day and was my roommate at the hospital.

Montreal traffic is worse than Boston. Case closed. And the lousy weather didn't help. Thankfully I had bought the pillow, it made sitting in the car much easier. But anytime I stopped, getting in or out of the car was a chore. Stopping at the border checkpoint, when asked why I was in Canada, I simply replied 'medical' and was promptly waved through.

The snow in Vermont wasn't too bad, but the fast lane was more often than not covered in snow, slowing down progress. I found a place to make up lost time, but when I saw a tractor trailer on it's side, on the north bound side, with the emergency vehicles just arriving, I figured I had better slow it down.

I made a planned stop in Lebanon, NH to visit my friend Nathan. The half hour stop and standing helped with circulation and the pain management. Plus I was able to get the meds I couldn't reach in the back seat. Nathan got the dubious 'honor' of being the first friend to see me post-op.

Back on the road, as I got close to Concord physical and mental fatigue began to set in. I'm used to driving 10-12 hour distances without a problem. But my body was drained tonight.

Upon my arrival home, I pulled into my driveway and parked. As I got out of my car, I was greeted by mother. Whom quickly gave me a big hug. The first hug I can recall from her. Ever.

In two weeks, it appears it's not only my body that has changed.

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Welcome home!! Glad you made it safe and sound! Can't wait to be with you!


Glad you are home safe...We missed you....


Welcome Home..


Welcome home "Girl"!!!!

Sounds as if it was time for you to come home and complete your recovery.

I'm proud of your mom. I have the same challenges ahead with mine. Funny thing, my macho Dad accepts me as I am. It's my Mom with the challenge.


Welcome Home MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya and glad you made it home, rest rest rest xoxoxoxoxo


cyn..I am soo glad that your mom finally showed you the unconditional love and support you deserve! I am also glad that you are finally back in town. Cant wait to see you. I KNEW you would try to get home in one run, and, of course, cyn being cyn, keeps pushing through!
xoxo till I get to see you!


I am SO overjoyed by this new developments with your mom. Perhaps she read the article and had some new insight into your struggle/journey. That article was so well written and touching, I wouldn't be surprised.

I hope that she continues to be supportive. I know it won't always be peaches and cream with her - nothing ever is - but this is an amazingly huge step for her in her own journey. And she has you to thank, as do so many others.

Keep resting and let me know if there is anything I can do. I look forward to seeing you when you're ready!


I'm glad you made it home safely. Though more so that your Mom has accepted you. I can't wait to come see you again and hang out with the "complete Cynthia". In the meantime take care of yourself and continue to rest. Your body is working double time to heal. The least you can do is help her out a little bit. Take it from someone who has NOT heeded that advice in the past!!


Congratulations, Cynthia. :)


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