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Day 14 (Wednesday)

Originally posted February 6, 2008

Day 14 (Wednesday)

Current mood: depressed

I'm amazed, looking at the blog view counter, every day my blogs have had over 100 hits per day, but very few comments! Don't be shy people, lord knows I'm not (anymore). Seriously, thanks to those that care enough to read my dreck. That means somebody out there cares and that means a lot to me.

Today was a tired and quiet day. The depression of my leaving kicked in last night and I couldn't get to sleep until around 1:00 a.m., which would have been ok, had I not woken up for an hour at 3:00 a.m., with a tremendous burning in my crotch. I thought maybe it was because I feel asleep with the ice pack down there. But as I reached down, I found the ice pack had long since moved. I did manage to sleep from 4 to 5, but I'm dragging on three hours of sleep.

Basically the day was spent dilating, talking and facing up to another strong challenge. Saying more goodbyes. The staff here is so wonderful, saying goodbye hurts me more than the surgery itself.

Dr Brassard came in for my final exam and he said everything was healing excellent and was looking great. Giving me home instructions, stressing hygene and the vaginal exercises.

I had spoken with the head nurse (Anne) early in the morning with a proposition she loved and told me to mention it to the doctor. So when Dr Brassard was here, I suggested due to my central New England location, I'd be willing to meet and speak with anyone in the New England area considering SRS in Montreal. He has no current Alumni Representaives and seemed enthused about this idea.

The girl from the southeastern U.S. returned to the residence after lunch. Obviously pained but fully agreeing, what I had forewarned her. It's not so much a pain as it is a discomfort. But she is doing well and is happy the worst is over. Of course, she is complaining about the stent. LOL

Just after 3:00 I was chatting on Racersbored and Nurse Anne came to say her final goodbye. It broke my heart and on came the waterworks again. I shut down the computer and about 40 minutes later there was a knock on the door. Nurse Anne had returned because she wanted a photo with me. Naturally after lying in my own tears, I looked like hell, but the photo came out good nonetheless. The people here have touched my soul and I can't stress how much I'll miss them.


But the Mod Chicks came through, as per usual. They are concerned about my driving tomorrow and have left me several options in case of emergency. no matter what, I'll never be able to repay the kindness and concern of my sistas.

Of course, being February in Canada, the forecast for tomorrow is.......heavy snow.......guess I had better sleep good tonight!

The View From MySpace

BE CAREFUL on your way home! Take it slow and take as many breaks as you can. It'd sure be a waste for you to finally get to Canada and go through the surgery just so you could wreck you beautiful new self on the way home! Don't rush. We'll all keep the lights on for you. :)


SOOOO very lad you are on your way to coming home!! take plenty of breaks on the way home an sit on that ice pack!! a <> for the ride an I will see you soon!


Have a safe trip back

I know the MCM will take care of ya, they're good people. :)


Hey Cindy!

I'm glad your headed home but not happy that you are driving yourself. Specially with the bad weather. I wish I could offer an alternative but unfortunately I can not. I drove Mikayla back and found it easier for her to stop at several intervals so she could strech and walk around. And take it slow I know you want to get home but we all want you to get here too.

I love the idea of you being Dr. Brassard New England Alumni representative. You go girl! Is this the same shy Cynthia that I met a year and a half ago ( I had to calculate that and I'm still not sure it is right)

Most important! FOLLOW DR'S ORDERS ON HYGENE! Keep your bleach spray bottle with you where ever you go. Spray and wipe the seat every time even at home, And spray and wipe down the tub every time before you take a bath. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!
ok now I sound preachy . Just promise me you will take good care of yourself.
Love you! Judi


YEAH!!!! You are coming home!.... will be good to have you back. Just think, two weeks ago you were gearing up to head that way, and now you are heading home!! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! Have a safe ride home, keep us updated, and remember to stop and rest. Home will be there, so try not to rush and push yourself! xoxox see you SOON~


Be safe on your drive home. Ice packs ONLY. NO oxycodone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, OR any other variation that would alter you ability to fly down the highway at 90 MPH!!! Call when you can and let me know that you're safe.


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