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Day 13 (Tuesday)

Originally posted February 5, 2008

Day 13 (Tuesday)

Current mood: sad

Day started early with a wake up dilation. The house is quiet as three patients are at the hospital. One had surgery on Monday, two had surgery this morning. It's just the girl from NJ and I. Which works because the 'exercise' schedule keeps me occupied anyways.

After breakfast, a second dilation, shower and lunch. Sonja and I took a trip over to the hospital (next door) to visit the girl whom had surgery from the southeast U.S. A sweet, beautiful girl, whom is here without any friends or family to accompany her. We seemed to lift her spirits as we spent an hour chatting. The longest I've sat up in one setting in over a week.

Between the walk to & from on ice & snow, sitting for an hour and stopping to brush the snow off my car on the way back, my crotch was sore and on fire. Hello ice pack!

After a third dilation and a quick nap, at dinner I was complaining of the pain, and was promptly reprimanded for brushing off my car. I was told to ask them, they would have been glad to do it. Between Demerol and the ice pack, I survived. But I did pay short term. How is the four hour drive going to be?

Early evening I got a call from the couple (Wendy & Clarissa) from eastern Canada I had met the first day. They just wanted to check in and see how I was. Plus Clarissa, the new wife, wanted to give me some pointers and tips for when I get home. All good advice and all well taken. From the day I met them, I knew I had made friends for life. These two are keepers.

After the last of my duties and watching the Canadian/Senators game, I went down stairs to get the last of the days meds and do the one thing I've been dreading all day. Saying goodbye to Nurse Julie. These employees here (I believe there are eight) are all wonderful, but leaving Thursday, Julie, being second shift and off tomorrow, is the second I've had to say my last goodbye to. They are all special people and have be
come family. Julie found a special place in my heart. Saying goodbye isn't easy. Not at all.

I used to be able to hide my emotions. What has happened to me?

Stupid 'sappy chick hormones'

The View From MySpace

so now when me n big tell ya to hike the skirt up you really can! so buff up chicky, hike the skirt up and get home in one piece cuz we got some racing to do just around the question...yer not gonna start drinkin' smirnoffs and light beer now are you? i can take everything else but that's where i have to draw the line! lol

Bobby G.

I had a dream last night that I ran into you at a Panera, although it really wasn't a Panera. Anyway, you looked amazing and were very, very happy. I got so excited to see you that I almost pushed you down - you were still a little fragile from the operation. Sorry about that. :)


These blogs make my weiner hurt... lol..

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I hope the pain/uncomfortableness doesn't last for too much longer.


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