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Day 12 (Monday) & E-Mail From Petra

Originally posted on February 5, 2008 about February 4, 2008

Day 12 (Monday)

Current mood: melancholy

It's days like these that I am glad I have someone here with the same date of surgery as I. Pretty muchwe are in the same sync, mental and pain level, so we know everything is as expected. We are not alone.

Standing gives us a horrible burning and tightness in the crotch, It is normal, but it has me laying with an ice pack often. It is basically the blood refinding it's way down there.

We also found in common the same sensations. Sometimes when I'm sleeping, sometimes when I'm just laying there. But every now and then you get a sensation or a throb that makes you feel as if the penis is still there. It turns out, it it is my clitoris, but I know have to train my brain to get attuned to this new part.

Yet another new girl from the southwest U.S. arrived after I went to my room Sunday night. I met her this morning and she is quite the little fire cracker. An older lady (near 50) but 'on' all the time. She's keeps using the term 'terror' and we keep trying to assure her there's nothing to fear.

The dilations continue five times a day and although not difficult, painful or stressful, it does tire me out and does consume a huge portion of the day. No wonder I can't return to work for awhile. I did make a mistake during my fourth dilation last night. I started with the smallest diameter and was supposed to go to the middle diameter one but accidently grabbed and used the larger of the three. OUCH!

Dr Brassard came in my room in the afternoon. He saw me laying in my Boston Bruins home jersey. Being in Montreal, he exclaimed "OHH ,That shirt!" And we had a good hockey talk Turns out, he's a huge Bobby Orr fan like I. We also discussed that I will be speaking to a class at SNHU next week (health permitting) and my involvement with the Manchester Outright. I think he has a whole new respect for me. He even had the head nurse give me itemsto bring home that nobody else gets. But my check up was great and everything is proceeding perfectly.

I must say the entire staff off this facility is second to none. I'm going to miss each and every one of them upon my return to NH. The hospital is next to the brand new residence and Dr Brassard's office is in an addition between the two. For anyone considering SRS, Montreal is the place to go. Bar none.

E-mail from Petra Long

I know I'm not on your list of close supporters but I have been thinking of you. I would hav ebeen in touch sooner to wish you luck before hand but I've spent most of the last 3 months in and out of hospitals ... I haven't written anyone.

From your blogs it sounds like you achieved everything you wanted and needed to begin the life you were meant to have. You are blessed and lucky you found the way and have so much support through it all. You're friends sound great. There are so many people who wish they could start over and overcome there regrets in life. It takes and enormous amount of courage to do that and most of us don't have it.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you can be proud of your life choices and the courage it took to make it happen. I'm sure you ill inspire many others in the same situation and also inspire others to go after other things they always wanted in life ... even if it's just going back to school for a career change, quitting the job they hate, or getting away from the partner that is keeping them down in the gutter.

Best of luck in your future endeavors. Hope you find everything you're looking for. I know I won't see you much because you are basically out of the racing loop but I'm cutting back myself.

Hugs and kisses. I know you are in good hands. Anyone who calls themselves the MCM has got to be cool.
Love Petra

The View From MySpace

"Standing gives us a horrible burning and tightness in the crotch"
Hey you wanted to be tighter than me so now you suffer...LOL Jk hun.
You'll be wearing them skirts and high heels and shaking your arse in no time.


Oh, you little kiss ass! Getting special freebies to take home! ;)

Honestly though, you know this happened because you are AWESOME, right?

You'll be good as new soon enough and when that happens, we should go DANCING! HA HA HA!!!!


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