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Day 11 (Sunday)

Originally posted February 4 2008, for February 3, 2008

Day 11 (Sunday)

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A huge morning. I woke up early fully knowing today the stent and catheter are going to be removed before breakfast. Breakfast is at 8:00. Well, I heard some walking outside my room, it's easy to differentiate between patients and personnel. But sure enough, the nurse (Carole) didn't arrive to my room until..........8:00.

As she started to get herself together, realized she forgot some items. Another delay. She arrived back in two torturously long minutes (yes I clock watched). Started back up and.........had two of one item, none of another. Yet another long two minute drill! But on eack snap on the stents stitches, I could feel the pressure release. Soon I was the proud mother of.....a five inch long, 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 diameter stent. No wonder I couldn't bend, cough, move, turn, sit, etc. etc. etc.

Next it was the catheter removal. Carole told me to relax (yeah, right) and breath deep. As I was
distracted by a deep exhale, she yanked the catheter out. Strange feeling for sure, but not nearly the pain I anticipated. After this it was breakfast and then I was allowed a few minutes of rest and then my first douching lesson. As she stepped away for a moment, Carole told me I may having a problem peeing the first time. Nope. When she returned a moment later, the stream was a flowing.

Then it was time for dilation lessons. I will be doing this five times a day for the next five days. Then four times a day for a month. Three times a day for two months and twice a day for three months. Yes, I just got my "tunnel of love" now I have to use it five times a day. Can't it rest?

Dilation consists of a set of five dilators. You use three per session. Starting with the smallest
obviously. Think of a solid, silo type object, carefully marked to the five inch stop line, to start. I was told the first one (0) was about as thick as a pen. B.S.!!!! The starter has the girth of one of those large markers or extremely fat pencils found at amusement parks where you turn in your ski-ball tickets.

Later, my mother called. I had called her Tuesday after surgery, her tone had changed to a supportive mom one. I called again on Friday and she was even more-so being the concerned mom. Knowing my usual habits, she was insisting when I got home it was rest, rest, rest. But in our call today, I could hear she was no longer fighting my transition and clearly accepting me for what I was, her child.

The rest of the day was spent on meals and dilating. I carefully timed my dilation's as to not interfere with the Super Bowl and my last sitz bath to coincide with halftime. Sorry Tom Petty, I saw you in your prime, I wasn't missing the game for a halftime show.

The view from Racersbored

I'm lying stark naked, virtually spread eagle, waiting for the Polysporin on the sutures to dry, and Michelle starts texting me. Nobody forewarned me they snuck a camera in my room last weekend.


The catheter is out! The stint is out!!!!!!!! THANK GAWD!!!!!!!! :)

I just had my first dilation, piece of cake. Not even remotely painful, just time consuming.

Cyn is a happy girl. Thanks to all of you. I love you all very, very much.

Group ((HUG))


AWESOME CYN!!! Let the fun begin!!!


YAY...glad to hear all is going well..awesome news.


woooohooooo almost party time :p


Hey Cyn, I hope you've got your Pats gear on..I wanna hearing you cheering from here!! On a side note it sounds like all is going as well as planned. can't wait for your return.


The View From MySpace

I'm happy that things are going great and things with your Mom have improved. It's wonderful and often times rare to find a parent who just accept their child for what they are, their child. Again I'm so happy for you.

I have two questions for you. First, what did you name "baby stent"? and second, are you gonna put "baby stent" in a jar and keep him/her on your bookcase?? LOL JK Sorry, it just wouldn't be a message from the ol' B Griss if it didn't have some silly dark humor in it.


Baby stent is in a red bag tagged for medical waste!!!! Probably incinerated by now! I can only hope it suffered.


YEAAAAA!!!! You can go pee on the potty like a big girl!! I am so proud of you...... :)


i am so happy to hear that your mom is coming to terms with your transition. i can only imagine how important her acceptance must mean to you. your spirit is getting stronger and stronger with every obstacle you conquer. watch out world!!

catheters? my worst nightmare!! i have had many health issues but i still think the catheter is one of the most painful procedures ever!! perhaps because it is so invasive!

i won't even mention the superbowl...


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