Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 10 (Saturday)

Originally posted February 4 2008, for February 2, 2008

Day 10 (Saturday)

Current mood: anxious

A quiet day, as Montreal was pounded with snow & cold Friday night. I was also informed to be
thankful, this is an unusually quiet time here at the residence.

Today was five days after surgery. My first allowed back onto my hormones. Hello happiness, bye bye migraines!

A new patient arrived, the first Female to Male (FtM) I had met here. An extrememely nice person from western Canada, here for the fourth of five procedures needed for FtM's. No wonder their cost is five times as much. I will say, this gentleman was much more masculine looking than the majority of genetic males I've ever met. If I saw him on the street, I never would have guessed.

The first chapter of the FtM surgery takes 7-8 hours alone. Hence, here in Montreal they only do two FtM surgeries a month, creating a very long waiting list. The Male to Female surgery here is about three hours. Total. In the States, it's usually done in a two-step procedure, here just one.

I spent the majority of the day sleeping and watching hockey. Granted the dressing was off, but pain from the stint and it stitches was at it's worst. And I knew first thing on Sunday morning they would be removed. Sunday will not get here fast enough.


The view from Racersbored

HOLY F__K!!!!

The nurse just showed me a sample of the stint inside me. Plus the dilator set I have to start using tomorrow morning. The smallest one is huge.

Ok, I'm scared.


Cherry poppin' fun. You'll be fine....relax...take a deep breath..in the nose, out the mouth


Start Irish...then work your way up to golfer, Cyn.



I thought the smallest dilator was huge back then......it was NOTHING compared to what I slow graduated to. Looking back, that thing was tiny.

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