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A Brief Back Track

A year in review originally posted January 26, 2009

A Brief Back Track

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An quick back track, as at dinner Saturday night, I was asked about the pre-Montreal stress. After looking back at last years blogs,I see I posted this mess on a forum for Mod Chick Mafia
members but not in a blog.

I needed a letter or recommendation for surgery from my endocrinologist, whom has plenty of experience in this. I brought the list of items needed to his office, the day after Labor Day. By the end of October, nothing had yet arrived which was good because I had received the formal request list from Dr Brassard's in Montreal and brought in a highlighted copy to the endocrinologists office. They scheduled the need blood work for December. Fine.

In December, still no letter. I called and was told that I'd need to schedule an appointment. I did.

The week before I'm leaving for Montreal I finally get the multi page letter. Page one, my birth date is wrong. Other pages had multiple items incorrect from estrogen dosage, employment history etc. Every page had at least one error.

Then late in the week I get a call from Dr Brassard's office. They have all of the paperwork and blood test results. But they didn't get the AIDS test results. This was requested on both of my requests from September and October!

Livid, I skipped my endocrinologist and went straight to my general practitioner. The Friday before I'm leaving for Montreal I just barely get into the Elliot Hospital's branch at closing time.

Tuesday, the get the results and fax direct to Montreal and I get my hard copy in Wednesday's mail. The day before I'm leaving.

Yeah, I needed those headaches at the last minute.

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