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WOW 2006 (aka Thanks Friends)

Originally posted on January 1, 2007

WOW 2006 (aka Thanks Friends)

I was at a small, quiet gathering last night for New Years Eve. In the midst of conversation, the subject of last New Year's Eve came up. It was at that point I really began to think (I was sober too!), last year at New Year's I had zero clue of what would be really end up happening in 2006.
One year ago, I had just been a month into hormone replacement therapy. I'd had ZERO clue that bythis day 2007..........

A. My name would be legally changed.

B. I'd actually wear a skirt to my full time job and Newbury Comics.

C. I'd learn that most of my friends were better friends than I ever thought

D. I'd make a great bunch of awesome new friends. Thank you Mod Chick Mafia (racers),
Geezerteezers (music junkies), TS Haven House, and Howden Family. I owe and love you all.

E. That some old friends would actually become even better friends, especially from Newbury Comics. One year ago I never would have dreamed I'd be much soooooo much closer to Lexy, Laura, Corrine, Amy Athena, Jenn and Rebecca. I'm still ever thankful. The rest of the crew too. I owe you all. But I should have told my internal hell seven years ago!

F. That the racing community would find out about "Cynthia" and still want me around. I'm still in shock about all the people that knew Classic Weekend and I never even knew they had a clue.

G. That people at work would complain to me, that I was over dressing and if we lost the "casual attire" dress code because of me, I'd be in deep sh*t. Sounds funny, but it was stated to me several times.

In all seriousness, the above may not seem like much, but I swear the above all mean so much. And I honestly had no clue any of this would have happened. Not in a million years.

And the fact that my legal name change is a major, MAJOR positive step forward in my future, is all thanks to the above.

To steal a line left on my voice mail late last spring from Andrea Schoenfeld. She called and I got this confused sounding voice mail after she heard my 'old' away message in my mailbox, and exclaimed "Who's John????"

New Years Eve 2006, I never would have expected anything remotely close to the above. I'm almost afraid to see what NYE 2008 is going to bring!

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