Thursday, January 26, 2012

Worst Fear Strikes

Originally posted on August 14, 2007

Worst Fear Strikes

Current mood: uncomfortable

This could be a long blog, but I’ll cut to the chase.

Tonight I facilitated at Manchester Outright (the kids group), but the first twenty
minutes were going horribly wrong. Fortunately my sense of humor took over and
I don’t believe anyone knew the intense inner stress I was feeling. The group
ended up a good one and finished very smooth.

Immediately after the group I had to go grocery shopping because I have a pot luck dinner
in Claremont tomorrow night, with the Mod Chick Mafia. I like things as fresh as possible, so I
picked things up at the last minute.

I started by getting cat food to keep my two cats quiet. I can’t ever go into a
grocery store without getting cat food. There was a gentleman in his late 40’s
about ten yards down the aisle. As I grabbed a few cans, this guy looks over
and says “At least someone knows what their cat eats.” I gave a friendly answer
and went about my business. This guy keeps staring at me. I’ll admit, for
someone who had no self confidence, I looked pretty good tonight. Probably
looking like a forty year old accountant that just left her office. Very

He then comes closer with a bag of cat food he’s buying for his girlfriend’s cat.
He tells me that she’s gone and he’s stuck watching the cat, not knowing what
it eats. I played nice and left the aisle.

As I left the pet food aisle to get my food for tomorrow night’s dinner, he was at
the check out and exclaims “Hey, what are you doing after this?” I reply “I’m
going home.” I finished my shopping about ten minutes later. I proceed to the
checkout and I notice the dude is hanging around the front of the checkout.
Talking to employees and ‘reading’ the bulletin board. My internal fear

I loaded my groceries on to the belt and I notice him staring at me. As the
cashier is ringing me up, I’m in semi-panic mode. I grab my cell phone and make
sure it’s on. Granted I had too many grocery bags in hand to use it if I needed

I’m in a grocery store that shares a parking lot with the music store I work part
time at. As I arrived the store lights were on, but it’s now after 9:30, the
store is closed and Jeff & Adam are in the backroom counting the money. I
took notice of the employee vehicles when I arrived. If I knock on the front
door, they’ll never hear me.

I tried to carry my bags and leave my cell phone accessible. But who would I

As I start walking towards the exit of the grocery store, this gentleman decides
it’s time for him to go as well and offers to help carry some of my purchases.
I politely decline. But he continues to walk with me, asking if I want company.
Again I politely decline. I pick up my pace but it’s not easy in a pencil skirt
and heels after a fourteen hour day. He asks again what I’m doing and if I want

I get to the door and I see the lights in the music store are still on, but how
can I get there? Store is closed, will they answer? Plus my hands are too full
to dial. The whole way to my car, this persistent ass is still hitting on me.
He won’t fucking stop. Not to mention, he already told me he had a girlfriend.

As I get closer to my car, I hear a familiar female voice say “Hey darling”. It
was Linda, a lady from my cribbage league. She was parked next to the
persistent creep. Relieved I went over and said hello and gave her a big hug.
The creep got into his SUV and was STILL asking me if I wanted company. I
declined and continued to make small talk with Linda, an older lady, but a damn
cool one. The creep slowly left, but staring and smiling out the side window
the whole way. Linda then asks me “What’s that all about?”

I thanked her for being there and told her what just happened. She literally saved me from harassment or
worse from this dude. Linda said “You look great. Looking like you, I’m not
surprised he’s following you.”

Welcome to the world of being female. I certainly didn’t ask for this or want anything
to do with this guy, but he wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. WTF?


I went out and bought red pepper spray the very next day, which I still carry

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