Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Makes Me Happy

Originally posted December 22, 2007

This Makes Me Happy

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Just under a year ago, I met someone for the first time. Later in the evening, her and I had a drunken chat. I'll never forget her words. "You seem really nice, but I have to admit, what you're doing, really freaks me out."

Less than six months later, this person wrote, called and we met because she needed advice and valued my opinion.

Today, I got a stellar Christmas card from her, talking about how close we've become, what good
friends we've become and how she can't wait for us to build more memories of our friendship together.

Yes, things I'm doing still freak me out too. But knowing without trying, I could convince someone that I'm still a good person and good friend, really keeps me smiling.

Thanks Kelly

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