Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thanks To The Manchester Monarchs Boosters

Originally posted on November 24, 2007

Thanks To The Manchester Monarchs Booster Club.

I had dropped my Manchester Monarchs season tickets and being a member of the Monarchs Booster Club, just after starting hormones.

The Booster Club never removed me from the e-mail list. Just before Thanksgiving, I received an e-mail because with members being away from the holiday they needed people to sell 50/50 tickets for the Monarchs charities, the night after Thanksgiving. I volunteered.

I had a great time. Sold a ton of tickets. In fact the people in the money office kept pushing me back out to sell because I was having a great turnover rate on ticket sales.

Thanks to the Monarchs Booster Club for getting me back to a place I never really thought I’d get to again. It was a blast helping you and the charities, all while getting out to see people and friends, I hadn’t seen in way too long.

That night I met a lady, whom would try to contact me after the March 30 Nashua Telegraph article. We've been friends and antagonists since, Mary-Lynn Belforti

And since then I've had people I saw that night, asking me Monarchs questions. No matter how hard I try, they don't understand that I do not and did not work for the Monarchs

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