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Thanks Pests

Originally posted on July 1, 2007

Thanks Pests

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Since coming out to the United States, Canada and a good majority of
friends live on the Opie & Anthony Show in April 2006, I always wondered
what would happen when I faced an Opie & Anthony crowd in person
again. O & A crowds tend to be mostly crude males.

Thanks pests! I was a bit more than concerned going to the Opie & Anthony
Traveling Virus last night at Mohegan Sun, alone. I was meeting friends
there, but some were coming from the New Hampshire seacoast and another
from golfing in Rehoboth, MA. I was traveling alone.

I did meet up with my friends in the Dubliner, a great recommendation from
Cara From MySpace. I did miss meeting her in person though. She and her
fiancĂ© called me “The It” on a O & A message board, but I came to my
defense and Cara and I have gotten along since. But my friends and I split
after a few adult beverages. We didn’t connect again until we were inside
the Mohegan Sun arena.

I was about thirty yards into the arena doorway, looking over the
concessions to see who had the best food and adult beverage options.
Suddenly I was stopped by a group of folks. This group included Stalker
Patty, Big A, Pat From Moonachie, No Filter Paul and Sonny Forelli , names
familiar to O & diehards like myself. They all recognized me from publicly
humiliating myself on XM radio last April at the live Boston appearance.
They all commented on how good I looked and the improvements I had
made since last April.

I figured for sure as mean, cruel, and cut & dry the Opie & Anthony crowd
can be, I was toast being alone. Never happened. I was treated fantastic by
the pests, not harshly. Not even once.

During intermission, I was having an adult beverage and talking with the
very nice Mrs Sonny Forelli (her first name escapes me) when Sony
screamed for me to come over to talk with him and comedian Rich Vos. It
appears Rich recognized me from the O & A sticker stop I did at his show at
the Comedy Connection in January 2006. As Sonny introduced me to Vos. I
told him I knew him from last year. He recignised me but in typical Vos
fashion, he exclaimed “Yeah, but you didn’t have those tits last year”, I
laughed and assured him he was correct.

The pests, while on my own last nigh, could have played on my fears and
ripped me to shreds. Instead I was treated with the utmost respect. I
admittedly was frightened for my physical well being, going in alone. What
happened was the complete opposite.

Thanks pests.

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