Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thanks My Space

Originally posted November 4, 2007

Thanks MySpace

Usually I delete e-mail on here from people I don’t know, without ever
reading. Too many trolls.

Earlier this spring/summer I chronicled a night I went out to dinner with the
Mod Chick Mafia and came home to a nice e-mail, in a different sort of way.
It was from a stranger that I have seen at the race track, but honestly never
thought she even knew I existed. She was wise a put in a key word in her
subject title , “Monadnock” that made me know this person knew me some
how. She did her home work and found me on MySpace. Jenn has since
become a friend that I talk to often, be it at the track, at a social function or

This week on Wednesday, I was ungawdly tired and picked up an order to go
and went home. I spent Thursday and Friday fighting a fever I couldn’t kill.

Friday night, still feeling lousy, after Newbury I headed over to
Stop’N’Shop to pick up a few things for the weekend. I bumped into a
friend, of approximately fifteen years. He said a quick ‘hi’ but then went out
of his way to act as if he didn’t even know me, though I frequent his
restaurant quite often. Thanks Greg, I won’t forget.

Friday night I arrived home unusually late and I had two e-mails from
strangers, on MySpace. One appeared to be yet another troll. But the other I
was very, very close to deleting but this person also was smart enough to use
a keyword in the subject line that made me second guess it, so I opened it.
What I got was a great note from a girl I wasn’t familiar with. It ended my
week on a positive note. She saw me when I had picked up my dinner on
Wednesday and knew me from Newbury. She did some research and found
my page.

Below is the note, with her employer blocked out for her privacy. But this is
absolutely, positively a keeper.

“As an avid shopper at Newberry Comics and a creepy -------/-------m employee, I
noticed you. Haha I'm sure that sounds awful but I don't mean it in an offensive way at
all. I was just curious and happened to remember your name from a take-out order, which
probably also sounds awful. After reading a couple blogs I found myself having a huge
amount of admiration for you. I was basically raised by a person in your situation and I
have nothing but the up most support and applause for anyone who can go through it with
your head raised high. So overall as creepy or awful as this all sounds I hope that you can
appreciate my support and walk a little taller knowing you may have admirers anywhere
you go. I'd by happy to pack your take out order anytime.
Good Luck and tons of wishes

Not only did her words make me very happy. But the fact that she had to go
out of her way to express them, makes them even more special.


  1. Did ya think of deleting mine?

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    I don't think you know me but who knows. I saw your story in the Nashua Telegraph and I want to thank you for putting yourself out there in a public manner like that.
    I'm in transition myself and as a matter of fact Anne B and Dr Jenn Madden are both my Drs. I think you've done all of us who walk behind you a huge service by allowing your story to be told and I really hope you have gotten treated with the respect you deserve.
    FWIW~ I was looking at your people to meet and Saw Annah Moore. Annah is a very dear friend of mine and actually was the person who helped save me from my misery and talked me into getting help. so, if you go to her webpage and blog then you may see my blog because it's on her blogroll ...
    BTW Don't go by the myspace pics I have they are 2 yrs old LOL
    Thanks for what you've done
    Karyn Maynard
    Hudson NH

  3. Not afterwards, when it was in your inbox. Did ya think it was another troll?

  4. No, your photo wasn't a shirtless male model or rapper