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Support Emails Really Help

Originally posted October 18, 2006

Support E-mails Really Help

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I've received a ton of support from friends over the past year. All of which was shocking and
overwhelming. None more shocking the from the racing community where I was positive, I would become an immediate outcast.

I've since found out that a lot of racers read my page despite not having their own My Space page, which explains why my profile views spins like a clock! Below are some clips of the off My Space emails I've received from the racing community, before I lose the e-mails.

Of course you didn't freak me out. I didn't realize just what you had been
going through over the past few years. And the main thing is that you are
now happy with life and yourself. You know I'll always luv ya no matter
what and I'm just glad you're happy. Kathy Harrington 8/21/06

Cynthia, my dear, you have to put your "surprise" in the running to be
counted as the biggest "Surprise"!!! referring to a post on Pinner's board about the biggest surprises in ISMA and Oswego this year. Trina Helmke 8/9/06

OK first off, why do you think you would lose me as a friend??? We don't
talk that much lately, but I still consider you a friend and that won't
change because of what you are going through. What's important is you are
doing what is going to make you feel right and make you a happier person. I
don't care if you are John or Jean Tebbetts. Sue Kells 9/7/06

OMG - Cynthia I'm crying - I'm so happy for you. To be so happy with
your life, after not being so happy with it all those years!! referring to my green light to have my name change. Trina Helmke 7/20/06

I don't care what you do. As long as you are happy and you still come to the races with us, I'm happy. Mike Douglas Sr 8/26/06

For real though...I think if you love racing...and I know you dont this
week...that you should stay with may sometimes get a
if someone thinks you made a bad call and that someone is an ass then they
may take a stab at you...if you can take that then go for it....remember you
always have friends behind you..and the support of the what
you darn heart tells you to do...if you're going to be a woman you better
learn to listen to your intuition. Sue Fiske 10/18/06

I think you'd be shocked at how many more people in NEMA know about your 'situation' than you think. And they think it's no reason to have to leave us. Nokie Fornoro . 10/15/06

Hey!! I think you look great as Cynthia!!! Still see some John in you but I think it's mostly the know what, it shows up most in your eyes! And, you don't need makeup to look any better! I think it's great that we can all kid about it! Johnny, Matt and Bill could give a crap, they think it's all's still just you. Sue Fiske 9/25/06

Don't worry ... I will keep your confidence. However, you should know I discussed what I thought with Ken before the mod show. I told him how sad you were in your e-mail, what I thought, and he knew I went to Seekonk to see how you were. When he asked, I told him I was pretty sure, although you didn't actually confirm anything. He and I are on the same page ... we just want our friend to be happy. No judgements from either of us. We just feel bad that you feel you will be outed from the racing community ... but do what you need to do for Cynthia. Your friendship is important to me and I hope you never feel the need to keep something hidden because of what I might think. I'm on your side. Petra Long 8/3/06

I understand being tentative .... but setting Joey's midget on fire is MUCH worse ! (LOL) I still hope you find a way you're comfortable with to enjoy the sport you're spent so much time making part your life. You know you're always welcome in our pit if you feel the need. You'd be the youngest one on the team! Petra Long 8/3/06

That's good news. But it's gonna take a bit for me to not call you John or
JT... so forgive me if I do. I hope all can work out for you... and you find the
happiness that you have been missing in life. I also hope people can be open
minded and accept you for the person you are. I know I can... I just worry
about others..... Jim Feeney 7/20/06

I don't know what turns have come about in your life and racing for you to come to this point, and all I can do is tell you how I dealt with such a turning point (life and racing). I redefined my goals and, like you, realized that the people meant more to me than the checkered flag or my accomplishments on the track. I have chosen to spend my time with guys who really need the help ... guys who probably won't ever win a race .. or another (like Ken) ... either due to money or talent. Others ask "what are you doing with him?" However, they truly appreciate your presence and contributions. And if one night we do win, just think how grand it would be. Checkered flags don't define what I can do or who I am. I just really love seeing my friends every week.

Maybe it's time to redefine how you can get what you love about racing without the things that have made you "hate" it. You are and have been a significant part of so many aspects of racing, I truly believe the sport would suffer ... but most of all ... it would be a great loss to the people you love so much .. including Ken .. and especially me.

Do you know how much that card you had signed for Ken when he won his first race meant??? He has it in his office hanging front and center. He treasures it and I do because of the thoughtfulness that was behind it. I'm sure you have touched many in the same way.
And just so you know, I also feel a special connection with you .. albeit internet ... but I've always felt I could say anything and you'd be there REALLY listening. Petra Long 7/9/06

Thanks for the do make a pretty girl. Linda Hurn 8/23/06

Thanks folks. I owe you all.

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