Sunday, January 29, 2012

Strange But Good Week

Originally posted October 28, 2011

Strange But Good Week

Current mood: nervous

Last week I got a big package in the mail from Montreal. It contained all of the
regulations I’ll need to follow for the next few months (blood work, tests,
paper work, money etc). It also included a list of things I’ll need to bring to
Montreal, a lot of which I don’t have. Also a list of items I’ll need for when
I return home. That’s where I’ll learn my humility, both between the things
I’ll need and the things I’ll need to do.

This past weekend, the photographer for the Nashua Telegraph (Corey) shadowed me at
Lee USA Speedway all weekend. Corey followed virtually every move I made, to
the point a ton of people, when they didn’t see him, would ask “Who’s that?” or
“what’s going on?” Sunday on the way to the track, Corey told me he had taken
over 1500 photos on Saturday alone! Thank goodness the porta-potties were
single stalls, that was my only privacy!

Tuesday, I got my second and final “recommendation for surgery” letter. Yee f’m haw. Or
as Melinda would say, “yee F’n haw, y’all”

I want to get everything in order, ASAP. So I’m no fighting the cold weather,
snow, Christmas shoppers and any last minute financial crunches.

Tuesday night, I started to gather the necessary items from the list from Montreal.
Stopping at a few pharmacies to gather the needed items. The worst was I need
five tubes of KY. Not being used to doing anything that required lube, I was
confused by the amount of choices, until broke down and had to ask the
pharmacist. Humbling if I may so.

Wednesday, I went shopping for some of the clothing items I was instructed to bring to
Montreal, that I didn’t own. Being shadowed by Karen, the reporter from the
Nashua Telegraph. Which wouldn’t have been bad if I was shopping for items I
was familiar with. But these items I have never shopped for before. So at least
Karen got to see and hear my frustration and thought process in action.

Trying to find two cotton nightgowns (as per instructions) when having never bought
any, isn’t an easy task. Especially since I didn’t want to look like a grandma,
but yet have to remember I’ll be at a hospital. And having some one watch you
and ask questions, made it a true experience. Then shopping for ‘ten pairs of
white cotton panties’ when you own none made for another humbling experience,
as everything had number sizes as opposed to S,M,L & XL. But thankfully I
had to pick up a gift at Victoria’s Secret and they had just what I needed. In
sizes I’m used to working with, and on sale to boot.

Thursday night, I stayed up entirely too late instant messaging with someone I just met
at the modified races, this past summer. She has been a very big help and
inspiration. Even if our first “meeting” freaked me out (A private message from
her). I’m very glad to have gotten to know you, Jenn.

Friday I got a letter from my first true love, Elaina. It really made me happy but
after an hour or so, it really brought me down. Simply because it reminded me
of some great times and great places spent with a great person. I spent 8 ½
years with her. 20% of my life.

Friday night, I went to a Dixie’s (Kathy) for a ‘For Your Pleasure” party, aka a toy
party. With all of the Mod Chick Mafia Chicks minus Pinky (Heidi) , it was
hilarious and a lot of fun. I’m glad I let them talk me into going. I just met
these chicks a year ago and truly can’t imagine life without them.


Today, I got some photos from a very good friend from high school and beyond. They
were of the two of us, back in April. Just seeing her in the photos made my
day. Thanks Kimberly.

Thanks girls, I love you all.


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