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Sorry This Is Very Late In Coming

Originally posted July 12, 2007

Sorry This Is Very Late In Coming

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I should have posted this stuff a month ago. I had no clue how many non-MySpace members actually read my blogs, especially the racing crowd, so let me get caught up to date.

June 10, my next door neighbor, whom I’ve often spoken to in neighbor type fashion but have never done anything social with, asked me to go for a ride to a greenhouse with her. I went and along the way, she starts talking to me more personal than ever before. She even shared some of her private life news with me. She later asked if I had a significant other, I replied that I hadn’t, but explained after what happened with my ex, I needed to take time away from dating.

Having been my neighbor for a year and a half, I finally said to her “well, you may have noticed some changes in me.” She laughed and replied “Ya think!” I told her what was going on with me. She and her husband had figured it out, but just weren’t positive of the end goal. She was glad to hear the story and was fully supportive.

June 11, the next day, I received birthday flowers from the Mod Chick Mafia at work. They sent the most awesome pastel roses. These girls really know to make me very, very happy. I love the MCM members so much.

June 12, I was at my therapist. In the mist of our conversation, she tells me, without me asking “Just let me know when you want your letter”. I was floored, stunned and ungawdly ecstatic. I do know, my camaraderie with most girls, especially the MCM was help. That and the fact that I could care less hat males and especially the males at the race track thought of my situation, was a boost in my being approved for surgery.

June 13, I was leaving for work and I got stopped, by the same neighbor mentioned above. She wanted to check out my outfit and commented on how great I always looked. Then in talking about clothes, she gave me the ultimate compliment. She said “You always look so nice, can you talk me shopping and help me pick out clothes?” Of course I will.

June 17, I had my bi-annual check up with my endocrinologist. Reviewing my latest blood work my hormone levels are that of 100% female, in both estrogen and testosterone. My insides now match my mind. Now just to complete the outside. He did boost my Premarin intake just a notch to help develop a bit further and quicker. Yes, my boobs are real. Stop asking.

June 30 was the Opie & Anthony Traveling Virus, for details read “Thanks Pests”

Lately the race tracks have been a better scene. People that had stopped talking to me are starting to talk to me like I’m human again, especially on the Modified Racing Series tour. One the NEMA tour, Deb Marvuglio (Shane Hammond’s mom) and Jennifer Scrivani have been incredible in their support and pushing me to push the boundaries to where they should be. But one person in particular has become an awesome ally, a very good friend and I’m someone I’m glad I met, Toni Cabral (Randy’s sister). Toni you are an incredible young lady and I appreciate your friendship more than you’ll ever know.

The above is not to take away from anyone in racing, especially the NEMA hierarchy. Mod Chick Mafia, Carol Haynes, Jim Feeney, Sue Fiske, John Ashley, Petra Long, Mike Douglas Jr. & Sr., Robert Gill and many others. They’ve all been spectacular.

To think how incredibly close I was to suicide four years go, to be the happy person I am now. I’m rich with friends and that means a lot. Thank you.

And to those that don’t like me anymore…..ppfffffffffffffftttttttttttttt.

And no Bob Gangwer, despite your efforts at Stafford, I will NOT be entering the amateur wet t-shirt contest at Oswego, on Classic Weekend.

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