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Sometimes You Get Lucky (Racersbored)

Originally posted February 24, 2007

Sometimes You Get Lucky (Racersbored)

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For months, friends tried to tell me to join the Racersbored. I checked it out and it was a decent site. Little did I realize that you had to join before you could actually see the best parts, the photos & the shout box.

I finally joined in late October and hit it off with the board owner immediately. He's a fellow Opie & Anthony fan.

In short time I made a lot of great new friends, some have turned into best friends, that I feel like I've known for years, not months. Over time, they've dealt awesome with my emotional roller coaster or as Nathan Kelly calls them, those "sappy chick hormones in my veins"

The below is just a small hightlight sampling of private messages I've received over the months. Some really good ones mistakenly got lost, so I'm posting this sampling here, so I have a back up record, just so they don't get lost. I'm hoping no one that's quoted minds my sharing these words.

Today I spent the day at a spa with six other chicks that I've gotten to know well over the past few months, aka" The Mod Chick Mafia" It's different group (putting it mildly), but an absolutely
wonderful group of incredible girls, who took me in. And for those that know me off of MySpace,
know there isn't a thing in the world I wouldn't do for my friends. Let me tell ya, I'd give my right arm that gang.

I've often said I have a lot of friends but my best friends are racers. The below is further proof of the family that exists among racers.

just gonna say for the record, that you gotta be a strong as nails person to do what your heart knows is right and be who you are....and i, for one(and the guy who runs this corner of the web) am behind ya100 percent. im not saying shit to anybody, and im sure thats the only way to be...
Nathan Kelly 10/25/06 do i say this?
i think its good that you are involved with isma and nema cause they are mostly populated with
intelligent, not so close minded racers, unlike the average sat night streetstockathon..
im glad you are an o and a fan, so i dont have to worry too too much about being blunt...a cringe humor fan makes for an easier to talk to cynthia.
Nathan Kelly 10/25/06

I think you are who you are. Grant it when you were John you were wishing to be Cynthia, BUT your still the same person. Well at least I think you are. Why forget the past. You don't have to go back there but you don't have to change how you feel and think 100% now do you? I just think your an awesome person. Hell I could be totally off base on anything I've just said, besides you being awesome. But I just wanted to tell you that no matter what you say or feel, it doesn't change your personality or care for others.
Michelle Lavigne 11/12/06

im sure you figured that your local fav gin mill was "safe" but im sure that shit like that is bound to happen again, as people in New England arent exactly known for their tolerance. sad but true. you have proven to be SO strong, and itll get easier to deal with all that stuff.....well...with those damn sappy chick hormones in your veins i dunno..LOL JK.
Nathan Kelly 12/20/06

I cant wait to get to know you and I guess I can say the same about myself. This group of girls we have forming is going to be dangerous and I love it! LOL
Carrie Kelly 12/28/06

awh..... not sure that you would have NOT gone through with your re-birth... I mean it is something that you whole heartedly felt you needed to do to be the real you...... I mean I wouldn't have had an issue with trying to keep you John.... but as a friend, I would have made you go through with it..... so....13 months ago, would still have the same end results.... ctork is a HOT shit that is totally my sista!!!!
Linda Kimel 1/2/07

I loved that you had a good time and that you did come... cause i would have made monkey drive us to your house, or hunt you down and drag your ass to the party. None of this BS about not coming and not hanging with us. No getting out of it, you are US now. Deal with it. LOL You must have a note that is notarized with a good reason if you are skippin anything we are doing. LOL
Linda Kimel. 1/7/06

sending you hearts right back sista!!! And hoping that you get what you have been hoping for !!! You are one strong wonderful person who deserves lots of good !!!!
Gaily Doolittle 1/8/06

everyone has issues that we can't talk or be on here 24/7. dont' worry... the amber alert only goes out of you are MIA... not quiet. Thanks for letting us know that you know why you were "off" I didn't notice.... but that's cause I wasn't around at 8. Anytime you need to vent, talk, cry, laugh... you need to call one of us. It must be so hard to deal with all the hormones and shit that is going on..... one of us will give you what you need. We are just not just here for the good times.
Hang in there.... I lov ya... mcm lovs ya... and your support is neverending.
Linda Kimel 1/31/06

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