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Sometimes You Get Lucky 2 (Racersbored)

Originally posted on December 8, 2007

Sometimes You Get Lucky 2 (Racersbored)

These are more highlights from Racesbored that I want to share and save before they get lost. They don't include e-mail or MySpace messages. Granted some accidently got lost. But I want saved in case we lose Racersbored 3.0. Hence the remarks about changes and upgrades.

hmmm.....i know there was a dude named Johnny that wasnt opposed to upgrades at all......ROFL
Nathan Kelly 7/17/07 got balls nowadays! wait...what?..LOL
Nathan Kelly 7/17/07
You know if I've never told you I truly think your an amazing person...and probably one the strongest people I've met...
And yes of course we're friends...I don't share alot of my personal stuff with many...but I really do feel like I can share them with you....good times...good friends.....
Heidi Bodreau 8/8/07
We've both spoken on how incredibly strong we think you are to each other. His only thing in the
beginning was how to approach you. He said I always knew John and we talked alot of racing lol..but he's really never thought less of you. I really want you to know that...
You have incredible sense of humor and I totally think that helps. Your a great person....screw anyone else who may think different...
Heidi Bodreau 8/8/07
torkie: will munch for oil.
Nathan Kelly 9/14/07
lemme guess....they are gonna sponsor your surgery if you tattoo:________Motorsports on your tits.
Nathan Kelly 9/19/07

My response to the above

Nathan Kelly 9/19/07

The day my surgery date was posted without explanation

Hey if that date is what I'm assuming it is.....Congrats!!.....I know we dont talk much this year...but the off season is coming and I HAVE always thought of you as a great ever need anything let me or mom know!!!
Robert Thompson 9/19/07

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