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The Roller Coaster Ride Continues


Originally posted on November 17, 2007

The Roller Coaster Ride Continues

I’ve been getting reprimanded for not updating enough. Here’s another.
Last Friday (November 9) work had an open house that I was really dreading, but it actually turned out much better than I had anticipated. I saw a lot of old friends and co-workers. Quite a few didn’t even recognize me. Some shied away completely, others were great. But the night flew and I had a blast. Of course, consuming about two bottles of wine helped. Two things happened that left me kind of puzzled and concerned for a few days, but I’d prefer to just leave them there.

The next morning was Mod Chick Mafia Spa Day at Serendipity in Pembroke. A blast as per usual, but relaxing too. I got a surprising gift from a friend (Heidi) with an awesome card and an even better ‘hug to go to Montreal’ to complete the whole package. It made a great day an even better one.


As I’m digging into my paperwork for Montreal, my nerves started to increase in their anxiety. Friends have reminded me of things I wouldn’t be capable of the few weeks after surgery, and that makes me quite nervous. I’m very, very self sufficient and the mere thoughts of needing or asking for help the days after, is not something I’m looking forward to. But all the things I’m being reminded of, are telling me I had better learn to swallow my pride for a bit.

But on Wednesday, out of the blue, I got an e-mail from an acquaintance who had her surgery back in May, Dr Madden. It was very short, but she sent the below which settled my nerves immensely.

“I hear that you are having surgery soon. I didn’t find it half as bad as I thought it might be. Just the first few days were difficult but they load you up on pain medicine. At the convalescent center, towards the end of my stay, I would get bored and tell the nurses that I was leaving for a few hours. I’d walk up the boulevard and shop.”

Of course, that calming effect went by the wayside, when on Friday, I received a fourteen page contract from the doctor in Montreal. Welcome home to reality.

A good friend, Melinda, that I met at a Jabbers show two two years ago, is home from Memphis for a few days. She’s been a great friend and it’s been great to spend valued face to face time, as opposed to e-mail, phone or MySpace. A relaxing dinner in Portsmouth one night and in Bedford the next night, were absolutely wonderful. Just don’t say “Y’all” around her or make fun of the southern accent she’s developed.

Tonight I’ll see her again, as the Jabbers are playing in Portland, ME. It’ll be cold, but the punk rock Cyn is ready. The conservative image most often seen of me will be completely discarded for the evening. Besides, “this is punk rock motherf----r”

Portland wound up being MUCH colder than anticipated.

I woke up after the open house very hungover and very late. Making me late for the spa day, where some of the girls had caused to trouble before arrived and had my phone ringing to get there and straighten things out. LOL

The trophy and card from Heidi are still in my office today. The warmth of her hug that day still resonates.

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