Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Private E-Mail Sent To Friends June 12, 2007

Important (To Me) News (THE Letter)

Private e-mail sent to close friends only on June 12, 2007

This is not being sent to my friends list, just those whom I think really care,
If I’m sending this to you, congrats, you are head and shoulders above many
others., including family. I might have missed someone by accident, if you
get this late, please don’t feel slighted.

This afternoon I had an appointment with my main therapist. She is
considered one of the leading gender specialists, north of Boston. I know
people older than me, who’ve been the opposite gender much longer than
me, with the same therapist. But she denies their readiness and ability to
adjust, to get their letter for surgery.

Today, I was updating her on my life and my feelings, pro and con. The
MCM (Mod Chick Mafia) came up a lot, all positive, of course. Ok honestly,
I know my MCM interaction is key in what I‘m about to say.
You need a letter from your main therapist plus one other specialist before
they do anything irreversible. A letter that is not given away or easy to come
by. Not even bought.

Out of the clear blue, without me even asking, I was told “Just let me know
when you want your letter. You’re ready.” I was, and still am very stunned.
Granted by medical standards, they can not do anything surgically before
November 16. By I’ve proved my case so well, I’m able to leap frog those
with many more years experience, to get where I should have been 43 years

I’ll repeat this for those who have skimmed. I am being granted my surgical

This is huge in my life. Absolutely nothing bigger.

Love, Cynthia

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