Sunday, January 22, 2012

Physical Violence

Originally posted December 19, 2006

Physical Violence

Current Mood: Scared

Tonight I was at a place where I've been a regular for nearly ten years, my cribbage league in Auburn,NH. Being so close to Christmas, the place was unusually packed. A lot of my friends started getting unusual, concerned looks towards the end of the night.

Tonight there were some drunken locals around and I guess I caught their eye. They were out to get the he/she. This is the first time I had a true threat of physically violence. Not directly, but my friends knew these people and their reputation. I was in trouble. My friends warned me that I was being watched and discussed.

As I left the front room, where we played cribbage, I felt the eyes of these rednecks gazing at me and clearly turning to discuss me with their cohorts. My friends assured me, I must get out of there.

I was escorted out to my car and I thank my friends for being there and the forewarning. Everything has been so positive until tonight. But I can honestly say, the bubble has been burst.

I must thank Nathan Kelly, Carrie Kelly, Robert Gill, Bob Gangwer, Melinda Miller, DanArky, Laura Fox, Cynthia Kiernan, Samantha and Athena. They all picked me up, brushed me off, and kicked my butt into getting back into the game and not turning reclusive as I threatened to.

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