Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Resignation Letter

Published publicly for the first time.

Dear Mr. Scrivani,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the North Eastern Midget Association
for the past five seasons. It is with heavy heart, that I confirm my resignation from
NEMA, effective at the completion of the running of the 2007 Thompson World

It appears, my unavailability to be at the Monadnock rain date on September
1, due to prior commitments, would lead to this day that I didn’t want to see

I have only one way of doing my job. That is to the best of my availability. I
pride myself on doing my job accurately and with equal emphasis across the
board, be it for a rookie, a Quad 4 driver, or a multi-feature winning driver. Lately,
I‘ve found it impossible to do my job to its full potential without the co-operation of
my co-workers and superiors.

Despite the overwhelming support from the NEMA competitors for me not to
miss another NEMA show, the events at Monadnock were the starting point that
has lead to my being ostracized from the organization.

For medically diagnosed reasons, I attempted to retire at the completion of
both the 2005 and 2006 seasons, with grace and dignity and on my own terms.
At the wishes of yourself and Steve Grant, I withdrew my retirement and
continued my dedication to the organization. But as you readily admitted at
Seekonk on October 7, 2007, I am being pressured out of NEMA due to no fault
of my own. I am extremely disappointed.

NEMA is a great organization and is prospering greatly. I’m very proud of
the time I’ve spent and the people I’ve met. I wish nothing but the best in the
future for NEMA, its supporters, and its competitors.

Cynthia Tebbetts

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