Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life Is A Roller Coaster

Originally posted March 25, 2007

Life Is A Roller Coaster, It’s How You Choose To Enjoy It

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About ten days ago, I was at work and two co-workers were in my office
talking to me. Another co-worker, Nancy came by and called them out of my
office. In clear earshot, she told them about going for drinks that Friday
(March 16) for a friend’s birthday celebration, I only laughed. I have no
problem with not being invited anymore. But get a clue, don’t call them out
of my office and tell them within my earshot.

This last Friday, March 23. I was in my office after ten minutes after I
normally would have left for the day. A co-worker, Kathy, who’s usually
extremely happy go lucky, popped her head into my office and said “Hey,
didn’t anybody tell you we were going to the Derryfield for drinks?” I
replied honestly, “No, no one told me.” Her expression dropped faster than a
hooker at a Shriner’s convention. She had let the cat out of the bag and in a
moment too late, realized it. I could only laugh. I felt much worse for her
than I did for myself. It’s my nature and I find it too funny.

Saturday night, I went out with the majority of the Mod Chick Mafia chicks
for diner and to a great bar in Keene. Had a blast and got to enjoy some great
times, with some of my newer friends. Friends, that accepted me. But during
one of the band’s sets, a total first happened. A guy came up to me and
asked me to dance. Yes, it was a totally straight bar. I was totally shocked,
totally flattered, but fortunately I was able to stammer out a polite “No thank
you”, while giving a good excuse why I couldn’t. It does show that the
money and time spent is really working on myself, even if I can’t see the day
to day changes. That was a first and definite high.

But that elation is coming to a crashing halt. Shortly I’m on my way to a
going away party for a girl, Lexy, that I work with a Newbury. When I first
started there seven years ago, she was one of the nicest people to me. She
was young, fun and full of zest. Over the years we talked and became a lot
closer. Not just co-workers but someone who had really become a good
close friend.

She had issues of her own and trusted me to talk to and vice versa. When I
was really down in the dumps last spring (2006) and was ready to quit
Newbury, feeling that after six years I had over stayed my welcome. Lexy
was the one who grabbed me, brushed me off and dealt with me through one
of the most embarrassing nights of my life. Despite being roughly fifteen
years my junior, Lexy is wise beyond her years and knew exactly the right
things to say. She even diagnosed my ‘problem’ as being the hormone
changes. And she was correct, I just didn’t see or understand it.

Yesterday was her last day at Newbury. Tonight is the going away party.
Next week she’s moving to Arizona. Alexis, I’ve only known you for about
one sixth of my life. But what a fun ride it was. And I thank you for every
moment of it.

And I’ll never play The Refused’s “The Shapes Of Punk To Come” without
a big warm smile inside, and wondering how you are doing. Thanks.

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