Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Letter

Originally posted September 22, 2006

The Letter

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Today, September 22, 2006, for lunch, work ordered out, as per usual on a Friday. Today the group on Chinese food from the New Canton. At 12:30 I ate and much later elected to eat my fortune.

In it, my fortune read as follows (and I swear on my Beatles collection) "Your secret desire to
completely change your lifestyle with will indeed manifest itself"

Just after 4:00 today, I received from my doctor, "The Letter" to present to the Hillsborough County probate judge, to have my name legally changed to "Cynthia Nicole Tebbetts" A major piece of paperwork in taking the next huge step.

For those not involved in the TG world, this is HUGE. Basically in less than one month, John will be yet a distant memory.

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