Friday, January 20, 2012

The Ladies At Margaritas

Originally posted on July 13, 2006

The Ladies at Margaritas

I know these women are not on my friends list but hopefully someone will know one of these people. If not I have to declare this publicly anyways!

Yesterday "John" made a very rare appearance at Margarita's on Elm St in ManchVegas. Granted I was boy mode (YUCCCHHH). But Cynthia had spent the day at Silver Lake and then had a few errands to do. I must have looked like hell. The only give away to Cynthia was my hair was tied up and the shoes I was wearing. No make up or anything of that sort. None.

I sat at one side of the bar by myself, the only person in the place sitting alone. Across the bar and at a complete diagonal from me, were three women. The three were without a doubt checking me over.

I had gotten up to go the burrito bar (or what ever it's called) to place an order. I distinctly heard one of the women comment about the lady sitting by herself. I was the only one in the place alone.

I ate and had a couple of frozen margaritas which after sweating my butt of at Silver Lake went down too easy! Because the three women were obviously fixated on looking in my direction. I sent the three a drink.

They invited me over and I didn't want to invade their space, I was simply thrilled that they inquired about the "lady." One of the girls came over and introduced herself as "Jeanine" She was very nice and thanked me, asked my name and said that the three were debating. One said I was distinctly a female, one wasn't sure and one was positive I was guy.

My theory that they were watching me was correct, as Jeanine told me they saw me use the men's room. But she was very very nice. Later introduced me to her girlfriend, and gave me such compliments and incredible praise it was unbelievable. Her comment's, coming from a complete stranger. were shocking but absolutely wonderful.

Later I met all three. All three were awesome, all three supporting and all three with incredibly positive comments. They asked were I was going later, which I replied home, but now I'm kicking myself for not going out.

Like a dope, I didn't find out where they went, Breezeway, Tudor or 313. But I really hope to meet them again.

Thanks ladies, you made a very shy gurl incredibly happy.

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