Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kicked Back To Reality

Originally posted December 7, 2006

Kicked Back To Reality

Current Mood: Disappointed

Despite the incredible highs of the past week, as listed in my last blog, today was a swift kick to the reality bone.

One of my best friends, Mike, was home from upstate Maine for the first time since St. Patrick's Day weekend. He had things to do, but was meeting mutual friends for a quick adult beverage after they got out of work. Now these mutual friends are in my pools,and I've known for almost twenty years. We've traveled to places such as New Orleans and North Carolina together and more times than I could count to Bruins, Monarchs, Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox games together. These people used to invite me to everything.......until a a year ago, we were friends.

I wasn't going to go as I had other things to get done. But I wanted to see my best friend and quite honestly, I had a gut feeling I wasn't welcome to this public setting. As soon as I walked in, all eyes read “What's he/she/it doing here?”, except for the person I wanted to see.

As soon as my best friend left, I had half a beer to finish. I was sitting semi away from my old friends. At that point I wasn't invited over and wasn't even spoken to. Though I quite sure I was spoken about as soon as I left.

In the past when leaving, I was usually asked to stay for one more. Today this wasn't the case. They couldn't ditch “it” fast enough.

Thanks friends. Have a great holiday season. You may have won on the short term, but this stubborn Irish bitch doesn't lose.

Strange enough, the majority at this gathering, turned a page and accepted me back in time. But it was my supposed 'liberal' best friend that eventually turned his back on me completely. Twenty years pissed away.

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