Friday, January 20, 2012


My name is Cynthia. The upcoming are my old blogs that I’ve recovered from MySpace. These were posted as I transitioned through a major life change. These are by no means a medical guide to transitioning, but my life experiences as they happened.

The key timeline to be found will be 2006 – 2009. I will not edit the good or the bad but leave them as the documents they were at the time of the original posting. Names may be added or deleted, on an as needed basis only.

In January 2008 I had my sexual reassignment surgery in Montreal. The blogs from those days tend to be a day or two behind when they written. Anesthesia will do that to you. In January 2009, I did follow up blogs based upon my feelings and remembrances a year on. They are also much more complete than the original posts, simply because I had that much more energy to type and actually think about the subjects to cover.

A brief background, as I experienced the upcoming. I worked at my “real job” in printing, a “fun” job at local music chain, and over twenty plus years of working in auto racing. I’m still at the “real” job. After eleven years, I gave up the “fun” job. And despite trying to retire with dignity and on my own terms in auto racing, I was lied to, used, and back stabbed by supposed friends which led to my untimely retirement and continued bitterness towards most, but not all things auto racing.

Rereading these is still not only educational for me, but also lead to quite an emotional roller coaster for me. Hopefully some reading this or someone you may know will be able to gain some valuable information based upon my experiences.

I’ll also gladly answer any questions that should be posed along the way.

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