Monday, January 23, 2012

I Did It

Originally posted February 28, 2007


Current mood: ecstatic

Very, very, VERY few people knew I was going for this. I was very much afraid of rejection.

For once I’m not being a drama queen. Thankfully.

Remember the night I thought I was going into ‘exile’ because of what happened at the location of my cribbage league (just before Christmas)?

Well when I came back to my senses, my Irish self said no way am I going to lose. I’ve been wanting to help people anyways. I’ve been fortunate. I’ve gained, not lost friends. I kept my two jobs, plus my racing jobs.

I decided to pay it forward and actually do something about it. I talked to Anne Boedecker about where I could be of help to others. She gave me a lead. A group called Manchester Outright. This group helps 13 – 22 year old gay, lesbian, bi, transgender and questioning youth. Granted I know zero about gay/lesbian or bi, but how different could it be? I know the struggles.

I applied and had a vigorous background check, from called references to police records and a tough written interview.

Today at about 4:15, I got an e-mail welcoming me and telling me I’ve been approved to be facilitator for the group. Same night as my cribbage league. Was anyways.

Not a big deal to most. But if I can help one life, I’ll be ecstatic. If I can help two or more…….


  1. Funny but you've helped more people than you probably realize. You've added positive value to this world. I know every day isn't always a blessing but at the very least you should be happy knowing that you have made it a blessing for someone else.

  2. Totally agree with what 'K' says. You are an amazing person and your generosity in sharing your story with such openness and honesty is heartwarming and inspiring. You will never know how many people your story has reached, touched and changed but I suspect it will be a lot more than you would ever guess.