Friday, January 20, 2012

Don't Ask Me What I Did Correct In Life

Originally posted August 21, 2006

Don't Ask Me What I Did Correct In Life

Please don't ask me what I did correct in life, but I have been truly blessed with friends from out of the blue.

I've always had a lot of friends, but over the past year, I've learned who the real friends were and who the users were. I'm overwhemed by the amount of real friends I truly have. You've all gone way above the call of duty and it has not been forgotten.

The one place I knew I would be chastised and removed from was the racing community. Boy was I mistaken The support and complete understanding has been incredible. I figured the male ego and machoness would be my down fall. WRONG.

I've always said, I have a lot of friends, but my best friends are racers. They've proven me right the past couple of months. Some I see on a regular occasion, some I see a handful of times a year and some once a year. But they've all shown a support I never in my wildest dreams would have expected.

I knew I had the day to day support, but to find the racers still want me around, has come as a complete shock. As a friend (Mike Douglas Sr) told me this past Saturday in the pit area at Seekonk, "I don't care if you turn gay, grow t*ts or whatever it takes to make you happy. As long as you're happy and you keep coming to the races with us, I'm happy"

I'm sure if I'm still around racing, I'll have some opposition. But it's awesome knowing I have a ton of great people willing to watch my back.

I can change my gender. But I can not change my Irish heritage. With my Irish stubornness and my friends behind me, maybe my retirement was a premature decision.

Little did I realize then, that in just over a year I would be backstabbed by a handful of racing 'friends'

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