Monday, January 30, 2012

Disappearing Blogs, Friends & Life

Originally posted December 10, 2007

Disappearing Blogs, Friends & Life

A lot of my blogs have been disapearing, simply because I've decided to print them out, with comments and scrapbook them for my future. I lost some great things when RB 2.0 crashed. I don't want that to happen again. I found a lot of occasions, thoughts and feelings I had forgotten about. Thanks to the Original Cyn, Nicole, and Laura for convincing me to keep a record of such things. You were all correct. I'm glad I listened for once.

My best friend has come back into my life the past few weeks and that's really helped me get through these days, including that rough stretch I had around Thanksgiving. But I've really learned what an awesome circle of friends I've built up. Offering thanks to you just isn't enough. I'll try to make it up.

I'm still crushed that I was able to schedule everything to be completed in a timely fashion to be ready for the next 'season', only to be knifed by a supposed 'friend' within days of my getting the good timing news. I'm strong and I don't lose. Being Irish, I won't forget either.

43 days and counting down. The night before I leave for "Oh Canada" all current blogs will be deleted, and I'll be starting fresh. Leaving only the future for me to look at. Thanks to friends, it's looking bright.

And being past all of this and being free to just live my life is going to be a reward in itself.

Deleting all of the above mentioned blogs seemed like a great idea at the time. But the majority of the blogs that I've posted below have had to be retyped from a print copy. One key at a time.......

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