Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Completely Unexpected Compliment

Originally posted on April 12, 2007

Completely Unexpected Compliment

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Saturday, I went to my first Manchester Monarchs game of the season. I sat
two rows in front of my old season ticket seats that I had for five years, so I
could talk to the nice couple, Bill and Dennie that used to sit in front of me.

During the game, a guy who was on my one pitch softball team for three
years in the 1990’s and I who I see visiting at work on a regular basis, sat
one row in front of me. But Mike was usually three rows in front of me for
the five years I had season tickets. Saying hello to each other every game
was usual. Saturday I said “Hello” to Mike twice with no response in return.

Today at work, I was in the COO’s office, who has season tickets in the
same section I formally had and he knows Mike as well. He then told me
that at last nights game, Mike had to go ask Bill and Dennie if that was
John’s sister sitting in front of them on Saturday! He also had to call my
COO at work to confirm that, yes, that was me on Saturday.

I never saw that one coming. But it certainly makes this gurl incredibly

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